Both our drafts API and posts API support product creation.

The product information can be saved inside to a post in using a Shopify API-compatible schema.


Name Type Description
id String Product ID - Required
body_html String Body HTML - Optional
images Array of Objects Images information, refer to product image section for more information - Optional
product_type String Product type or category - Optional
tags Array of Strings Tags - Optional
title String Title - Required
variants Array of Objects Variants information, refer to product variant section for more information - Optional
vendor String Vendor - Optional

Image Parameters

Name Type Description
id Integer Image ID - Required
product_id String Product ID - Required
position Integer Position - Optional
width Integer Width - Optional
height Integer Height - Optional
src String Location - Optional

Variant Parameters

Name Type Description
id String Variant ID - Required
barcode String Barcode - Optional
compare_at_price String Price to compare to - Optional
image_id Integer Image ID - Optional
price String Price - Optional
product_id String Product ID - Optional
requires_shipping Boolean Indicates whether the product requires shipping - Optional
sku String SKU - Optional
taxable String Indicates whether taxes applies to the product - Optional
tax_code String Tax code - Optional
title String Title - Optional
weight String Weight value - Optional
weight_unit String
Weight unit - Optional
Choices available:
  • "g" (Grams)
  • "kg" (Kilograms)
  • "oz" (Ounces)
  • "lb" (Pounds)